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Kate Lance kate at lancewood.net
Tue Aug 31 14:35:34 AEST 2021

After their evacuation, Afghans who worked with Koreans are not regarded as
refugees, but declared "people of special merit".

(From the newsletter from https://www.blueroofpolitics.com/:

In its first-ever overseas rescue mission of foreign nationals, South Korea
evacuated 391 Afghans who had assisted Korea’s involvement in Afghanistan. In
“Operation Miracle,” the South Korean military sent three warplanes to
Islamabad, Pakistan, then sent two of the planes (which were capable of evading
missile attacks) to Kabul. 

When the evacuees had difficulty entering the airport in Kabul, the Korean
military had them meet outside of the airport, put them in six rented buses,
which were then able to enter the airport thanks to US escort - just two days
before the deadly suicide bombing attack that complicated the ongoing US rescue
mission. Nearly half of the evacuees are children under 10 years old, including
three infants who are just days old.

The evacuees arrived at the Incheon International Airport on August 26, then
were housed at a government facility in Jincheon, Chungcheongbuk-do Province.
The evacuees, who had worked with the Korean embassy, the Korea-run hospital at
Bagram Air Base, etc., will not undergo the legal process for refugees; rather,
they are considered “people of special merit” and will receive long-term visas
with a work permit.

Regards, Kate

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