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David dlochrin at aussiebb.com.au
Thu Feb 4 14:35:40 AEDT 2021

Now that telephone consultations with lawyers, doctors, et al are rapidly being accepted as a matter of course, I think it's important there be some generally accepted way their clients & patients can communicate with them securely.  The basic technology for encryption & authentication has been well established for decades, but each client, patient, or sometimes industry relationship still seems to be a special case.

Am I missing something?  Pretty Easy Privacy (PEP) is now integrated into Thunderbird and is available on other platforms:

QUOTE - see Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pretty_Easy_privacy
It exists as a plugin for Microsoft Outlook[1] and Mozilla Thunderbird and also as a mobile app for Android[2][3] and iOS.[4]   p≡p also works under Microsoft Windows, Unix-like and Mac OS X operating systems.  Its cryptographic functionality is handled by open source p≡p engine relying on already existing cryptographic implementations in software like GnuPG, a modified version of netpgp (used only in iOS) and (as of p≡p v2.0) GNUnet. 

But lawyers & doctors are not IT-professionals and governments seem in no hurry to educate people re this topic.  GPs and lawyers also usually work in group practices which rely on consultants & service providers whose website- and email-servers could be anywhere, even offshore, which creates a barrier between a citizen's need for privacy and the people who might make it happen.

In the past many used FAXes to ensure confidentiality, but we should have moved forward by now.

David Lochrin

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