[LINK] Amazing multi-language international conference design

jwhit at internode.on.net jwhit at internode.on.net
Sat Feb 20 10:28:02 AEDT 2021

I am in awe. Imagine a website of hundreds of classes and several
streaming keynotes over 3+ days in multiple languages. Not everything
is in different languages, but how about 40?
This site for Rootstech next week, a virtual conference for genealogy,
is something I've never seen before. It made me think about the
challenges that the governments here have faced for multi-lingual
information on Covid, for example.
is an overview of the conference, but also includes a tour of the
platform for accessing the content. Around the 17 minute mark, they
show the content access and how they've designed it for multiple
languages. Earlier they talk about linking to the browser language
settings for the website itself (11 languages), but there are many
many more for content delivered in specific languages on the program.
It's at this point in the video where they show this. The example is
MONGOLIAN. They also are providing 2 Chinese languages, as well as
many more.
Rootstech is free (with a Family Search account which is also free)
and login is with the FS account beginning Feb 24/25 and running for
the 3/4 days. (time differences) So even if genealogy isn't your
thing, it is worth having a look at this intro video as well as the
conference when it happens to see what they are doing. I reckon it's
pretty incredible.

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