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Having never gotten my news through Facebook, I am now on the verge of banning the ABC because of its incessant pop ups asking me to install theirapp:

"Missing our news on Facebook?

Get the latest news and live notifications with the ABC News app –be alerted to must-watch news events, follow topics of interest, and save articles for later."

Including, I might add, when visiting from a desktop machine.

On 22/2/21 1:43 pm, David wrote:
> On 2021-02-19 13:21, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> https://imgur.com/ujYck8B
>> [...]
> I have never been able to understand why the ABC thought putting their programs and audience feedback on Facebook or Twitter was a good idea.  Do they not understand Facebook's business model?  Does the ABC consider sacrificing audience privacy in return for a free service is acceptable?  Or have these corporations "guaranteed" privacy?
> When will some Australian Government legislate a privacy code with appropriate penalties and apply them?
> Malcolm Turnbull was interviewed on ABC TV recently (on 7:30 I think). He appeared to me to be running an argument that Facebook's actions werea disaster for Australia, Facebook (et al) were too big to fight, and therefore the Australian Government should:
> (a)	not interfere and allow them to continue making free use of other'slabour,
> (b)	institute some form of broader tax and distribute the proceeds as compensation to the originators.
> I have to say I'm extremely disappointed to hear that logic from Turnbull, assuming I interpret him correctly.  It would appear to sanction all manner of business dealings on the basis that Might is Right.
> If Zuckerberg thinks he doesn't need Australian media input, let Facebook do without.  And if he does, Facebook should pay for it.
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