[LINK] Google has removed Canberra buses from directions in google maps

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Sun Feb 28 13:14:09 AEDT 2021

On 22/02/2021 14:04, Kim Holburn wrote:

> I don't understand why people think this bill is a good idea in any way 
> at all.  It's an extortionate tax for google and facebook and a free 
> government handout to prop up our foreign-owned commercial media 
> oligopoly.
> I don't like google and facebook as much as the next guy, but why don't 
> we just make them pay tax properly?  And for god's sake let Murdoch 
> media and nine media pay proper tax and die like the dinosaurs they 
> are.

Got nothing to do with tax, that's entirely another matter, and one that 
des need addressing. This is not money for the government its money for 
murdoch and stokes and co, nothing else, so are we really surprised this 
government is doing it? No, they do whatever murdoch tells them to.

The murdoch code is a quick money for nothing scheme.

They have no contract with facebook, they decided it would be a good 
idea to create a facebook account, they decided to share their content 
on a third party platform, facebook did not invite them to.

Why should they get paid for THAT!
If anything, facebook should be charging THEM for using their resources 
to spread their propaganda.

Where did facebook go wrong in all this? By blocking health and 
charities, yes they did it to prove a point, under murdochs code, thats 
what is captured, but had they not done that, do you think murdochs rags 
and stoke's nightly bulletins would for days seek out and air stories 
about it, no on your life, because everyone would see it for what it 
really is.

What next, are they going to demand the companies who host their own 
websites pay them for that too.

As for Google, well, they scrape sites, its what they do, but just like 
facebook, they sent viewers to their sites.

I detest facebook, but I detest filthy greedy grubs who want money for 
nothing even more.

Before I sign off on my tangent ;)

If tyou are relying on facebook or google for your news...

my 2c+gst worth.

Noel Butler

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