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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Sun Nov 6 11:39:36 AEDT 2022

I understand that not all the data is available to everyone but it all 
integrates and rights are preserved..

> This digital representation of the city was delivered by DCS Spatial 
> Services in partnership with Bathurst Regional Council and enables the 
> visualisation of location-based information in 4D (3D plus time) of a 
> 4,000,000 m² extent of the central business district.
> Council, planners and the community can now interact with data in a 
> user-friendly place-based platform enabling:
>   * Visualisation of location data including infrastructure and
>     services such as bus stops, accessible parking spaces at a
>     location, play equipment and off-leash dog parks
>   * Smart infrastructure, including Internet of Things (IoT) sensors,
>     allowing access to real-time data for electric vehicle charging
>     station locations and FuelCheck
>   * Visualisation of past, present and future built and natural
>     environment to assist the council, developers and the community to
>     collaboratively realise Bathurst’s best potential
>   * Support of the tourism sector by showcasing Bathurst’s unique
>     architecture.
> The Bathurst Digital Twin also showcases data provided by Bathurst 
> Regional Council like accessible parking spaces, play equipment and 
> dog parks. Further council data will be added as it becomes available.
> As more data is integrated, the Bathurst Spatial Digital Twin is 
> expected to provide significant opportunities for local councils and 
> the NSW Government to realise benefits across the entire development 
> and infrastructure lifecycle.
> See the Bathurst Spatial Digital Twin here 
> <https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/a81beca78d2f4ae08a7b16a6ba498504/page/Page/>. 


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