[LINK] Crypto crash and power use

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Wed Nov 16 22:13:11 AEDT 2022

Bitcoin has had a small dip.  We get huge stories whenever it has a dip.  I think cryptomining being banned in China caused more of 
a problem.

Ethereum has moved from "proof of work" which requires lots of power to "proof of stake" which requires very little power.

The value of the currency is more about the market than the power used in mining.  Although it has to be worth more than cost of the 
equipment and the power used to mine it.

On 2022/11/16 1:39 pm, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> HI Linkers
> I haven't read the stories on the crypto crashing, but I wondered if this might reduce the power hogging their server farms use. Or 
> is value of the currency not related at all?
> Jan

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