[LINK] Canberra's My Digital Health Record

Stephen Loosley stephenloosley at outlook.com
Fri Nov 18 12:33:21 AEDT 2022

>> On 15/11/22 17:42, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>> Have any other Canberran's tried signing up for the new MyDHR?
> Yes, worked fine. But none of my medical records, or previous treatments
> are listed. The NSW Hospital system had no record of me either.
> https://blog.tomw.net.au/2022/03/virtual-hospital-provides-real-help.html

Yes, same. After a slow start, our MyDHR has worked quite well recently.

Their records show comprehensive details of all medical prescriptions and
renewals our doctor has written since we enrolled recently, from memory
around five months ago now.

Perhaps oddly it doesn’t include any details yet of a private plastic-surgery
operation for a minor basal-skin cancer in a public hospital four weeks ago.

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