[LINK] O/t: Asia's water-tower is in trouble .. toxic mud

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South China Morning Post.  Owned and controlled by China.  Next they'll be saying that the only solution is to put huge dams in to 
stop all that "toxic" silt, and the water of course, the water that most South East Asian countries depend on.

On 2022/11/27 9:46 pm, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> Asia’s ‘water tower’ is in trouble, and Chinese scientists are sounding the alarm
> Accelerated glacier melt on the Tibetan Plateau is threatening water quality for 2 billion people, Chinese researchers say
> Scientists call for urgent joint research to determine impact on water quality from warmer temperatures
> By Echo Xie   SCMP  11 Nov, 2022  https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3199350/asias-water-tower-trouble-and-chinese-scientists-are-sounding-alarm
> Global warming is slowly turning one of the world’s most important sources of fresh water into toxic mud, but scientists say they do not yet know how bad the problem is.

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