[Nauty] lexicografic ordered canonical form

Joost Winne Joost.Winne at UGent.be
Wed Aug 6 18:44:01 EST 2003

> Perhaps that is not the easiest source to learn the method.  If you
> indicate that this is the subject you are interested in and what type of
> thing you want to generate, we can probably find some references which
> give more application-specific explanations.

I am generating BIBD's ( 2-(v,k,l) ) designs in an orderly row by row way.
When I reach a partially filled design upto a certain row:
I convert the (partial filled upto a certain row) design into a bipartite
graph and then call nauty to get the canonical form (and also the autom. group which
I use for partial isomorphic rejection).
I store this canonical form (in some kind of hash table) and this way I
can see if I already saw this canonical form before.

Is there some kind of standard memory efficient design storage format
(like graph6) any one knows about ?

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