[Nauty] dynamic memory allocation

Angela Jo Pignotti pignotti at email.arc.nasa.gov
Tue Aug 19 10:17:01 EST 2003

Hello All,
	I'm trying to dynamically allocate to variables of type graph with:
line 33:  DYNALLSTAT(graph, canong, g_sz);
line 34:  DYNALLSTAT(graph, g, g_sz);
...and then 

but am receiving the error: 
getCanonize_c.c:34: redeclaration of `g_sz'
getCanonize_c.c:33: `g_sz' previously declared here

Does anyone know of this problem?? 

Angela Pignotti
Graduate Student Intern
Mission Critical Technologies
located at NASA-Ames Research Ctr.
Bldg. 258 Rm. 201
ph: 415-604-4313

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