[Nauty] Installation Question

Bobby DeMarco demarco at UDel.Edu
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Thanks for the help.  I'm having trouble with the last step, "make", though.
Cygwin says command not found when I try to execute that last step.  What am
I missing do you think.  Thanks,


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> I'm trying to install Nauty on my Windows XP laptop.  Could someone help
> step by step through this process?  I'm having quite a bit of trouble
> downloading and installing the program myself.  

You can follow the instructions from here:


However, instead of using djgpp, you can also use cygwin
from http://www.cygwin.com

You just need the default packages when downloaded cygwin to have
bash and gcc.

Install and run cygwin, will you be prompted with the bash shell, then you
can follow the rest of the steps in the link above.

If you have problem running ./configure (which is unlikely), then the
following might help.


I hope this helps. Good luck!


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