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Wed Apr 6 18:17:02 EST 2005

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gordon at csse.uwa.edu.au:
Suppose I have a partition of the vertices of a  graph, and wish to 
determine whether or not it is equitable...

Is it  possible to determine this by making a call to a routine within 
nauty (even  if I am not interested in finding groups  etc).


maybe this helps (if not, ignore !) :

[Nauty] equitable partition 
Brendan McKay nauty-list at cs.anu.edu.au  
Wed Mar 10 00:56:02 2004 
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* Rosen Zlatarski  <rsz12345678 at yahoo.com> [040310 00:53]:
> Hello!
> I  considered an example of eqitable partition, given
> in  oldmanual.pdf
> But am not sure how we can determine an equtable
>  partition for a given graph?

I'm not sure what your question is.   The procedure refine() in the file
naugraph.c can find equitable partitions,  if that is what you want.


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