[Nauty] foreshadowing a change to sparse6 format

Brendan McKay bdm at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri Apr 29 21:16:01 EST 2005

sparse6 format is one of the graph formats supported by many of the
programs in the nauty package. When I first designed it years ago,
I couldn't imagine anyone processing graphs with more than 262,143
vertices so I made that the limit. Now it has become possible,
and version 2.3 of nauty will be able to process such big graphs
without excessive memory usage provided they are sparse enough.

Therefore, I'm planning to change sparse6 to support graphs of up to
68,719,476,735 vertices, which ought to be enough for a while. In
order to do this, the change I want to make to the definition will
mean that current files with graphs in the 258,048 to 262,143 vertex
range will need conversion. I guess this will not be a problem for
anyone, but if it is please let me know.


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