[Nauty] Re: Anyone running nauty on AMD64?

keith.briggs at bt.com keith.briggs at bt.com
Wed Aug 31 01:03:15 EST 2005

Gordon Royle wrote:
> Is anyone compiling and running nauty/geng using gcc in 64-bit mode on an AMD64 chip?

I have just tried it:

1. There is a configuration issue which I hope Brendan will sort out - the x86_64 platform is not correctly detected.
    I ignored this and compiled it anyway.

2. "geng -u -c 10" (about 12M graphs) takes 12s on the AMD 3400+ cpu, about twice as fast as my
     Pentium 4 2GHz machine.


	Dr. Keith M. Briggs
	Senior Mathematician, Complexity Research
	Mobility Research Centre, BT

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