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Wed Feb 16 17:49:01 EST 2005

>I am a newcomer to nauty and I am reading "nauty User's Guide".  But I 
>still do not know how to use the software. Would someone  like to tell me 
>how to use it by give an detailed example?
apparantly nauty was designed for those who already understand
something  about the matter and i.e. for programmers who want
to integrate it into their  own programs.
So, bad luck for "newcomers" :-(
You can't even get  executables but rather will have to compile it
by yourself in a complicated  procedure with lots of files and
a certain chance that something is  incompatible with your operating
system or C-compiler.
I made my own commandline programs to generate canonical forms
or  automorphism groups from graphs read from file in a simple
format, which I  think are more suitable for newcomers.
I could send these as executables, the  source should
already be here in the archive.
Provided Brendan has no  objective due to license or proper
I basically use 3 programs, which I would recommend to
get started for  newcomers:
geng.exe , as supplied with the nauty-package (as geng.c) to  generate
all (canonical=isomorphism-classes) graphs with  certain properties
canonize.exe , to print the canonical form(s) of graphs in  a file
(almost same as labelg.c but other  format)
gauto.exe , prints size of automorphismgroup or its  generators
(don't know whether nauty can do this from  commandline ?!)
I rarely need others of the nauty programs like genbg etc.
Also, nauty usually uses compressed,  non-human-readable,
newcomer-unfriendly format - this is probably because  disk-space
and RAM were expensive when nauty was first developed.

BTW. I just looked at amtog.c (version 2.2)
Can we make an option to  let n be (as the default)
the square-root of the number od 0s or 1s found  before
an EOL(ascii 10) or a user-defined separation character ?
This  enables to get graphs of different sizes into one file
and their sizes  needn't be specified.
It would also be nice if amtog could convert  back
from sparse6 or such to matrix-format.
And then, even include the  other features like showg,complg,copyg,...
into one file. Makes it easier  than to have lots of files IMO.
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