[Nauty] A question.

SHIUE-YUAN SHIAU sshiau2 at wisc.edu
Thu Feb 17 04:15:01 EST 2005

    I am also a newcomer. I have been struggling to make an executable
that is suitable to find the automorphism group of strongly regular
graphs with format like 5X5 graph 
where 1 represents two adjacent vertices and 0 non-adjacent vertices.
But so far I have little idea how to do it.
   If your simple format is similar to the above and if it is ok for you
to share with newcomers.
   Or if you or anyone have any suggestions or show me some examples,  I
will appreciate your great help,

> I made my own commandline programs to generate canonical forms
> or  automorphism groups from graphs read from file in a simple
> format, which I  think are more suitable for newcomers.
> I could send these as executables, the  source should
> already be here in the archive.
> Provided Brendan has no  objective due to license or proper
> format/version/reference.
> I basically use 3 programs, which I would recommend to
> get started for  newcomers:
> geng.exe , as supplied with the nauty-package (as geng.c) to  generate
> all (canonical=isomorphism-classes) graphs with  certain properties
> canonize.exe , to print the canonical form(s) of graphs in  a file
> (almost same as labelg.c but other  format)
> gauto.exe , prints size of automorphismgroup or its  generators
> (don't know whether nauty can do this from  commandline ?!)

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