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Sterten at aol.com Sterten at aol.com
Thu Feb 17 17:57:01 EST 2005

maybe I already proposed this here, I don't remember
Brendan, how about this:

offer a "Nauty-light" or "Nauty-for-newbies" version with just
one  command-line executable to download, no source-code needed.
It can :
(1) read a graph from file or stdin in easy,human format and print the size  
of the automorphism group
(2) read a graph and print the generators of the  automorphism group
(3) read a graph and print the canonical form
(4)  generate graphs like geng does, (not all geng-features required)
option to read many graphs sequentially from one file, one graph per  line
graphs should be digraphs, later, when available, with loops  allowed
or multiple edges - just any map {1..n}^2-->|N , even more later  maybe
generalized graphs (edges are triples, etc.)...
BTW. is there any reason to still use graphs instead of digraphs ?
Any  feature which doesn't give the same result for graphs by
considering them a  digraph.

hmm... maybe it should also include all the other nauty  features,
just one executable, but in an extra,advanced sub-menue(s)
Those who want to include Nauty into their own programs can
still use  the old files.

other ideas: generate the line di-graph, core-digraph, graph  product,...
add your own ideas here ! wishlist available ?

Include code written by others into Nauty, when you consider  them
useful. (as long as they don't claim copyright or given credit
or  such)
Likely you will find people here to help with the above  goals,
should there be problems (which I don't see ATM)

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