[Nauty-list] Minor comment typo & some "make checks" behavior

Brendan McKay bdm at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue Feb 5 09:23:52 EST 2008

Hi William,

> Just a minor typo in some macro comments, it seems: On line 576 of
> nauty-h.in of nauty24b7, shouldn't "POPCOUNT(x)" be "FIRSTBIT(x)"?

Right, thanks!  Glad it is just in the comments!
I don't understand your cygwin/makefile problem.  Make does not usually
pay any attention to the modification time of the makefile, though there
are some variants that do (Solaris comes to mind).  But even in that
case I can't see why touching the makefile should make a difference.

If anyone else can understand it, please let us know.


> Also for nauty24b7, on my [pretty much default] cygwin installation, I seem
> to have to run "touch makefile" (or otherwise modify/save makefile) after
> "./configure" and before "make checks" in order for "make checks" to avoid
> the following error:
> $ make checks
> [ ... dreadtest compilation and tests ... ]
> rm dreadtest.exe
> rm: cannot remove `dreadtest.exe': Permission denied
> make: *** [dreadtest] Error 1
> (By the way, I did make sure the file permissions were all sensible.) If I
> run "touch makefile" before I run "make checks", it can then remove the
> executables for each test, and it works just fine.
> I don't know if this is something that can be overcome on nauty's end.
> (Would "touch makefile" (or something else) in a nauty-distributed script or
> the like have the same positive effect as if the user manually entered the
> command at his prompt?) Perhaps it's just an idiosyncrasy of my [again,
> pretty much default] cygwin configuration? If it's the latter, then I don't
> suppose there's anything to be done.
> Not a big deal in either of the above cases, really :-)
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