[Nauty-list] Regarding Nauty - BIGNAUTY

Brendan McKay bdm at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Oct 1 16:24:05 EST 2009

Hello Oana,

BIGNAUTY is now obsolete.  Please fetch version 2.4 from

There is now no practical limit except what you can fit into 
memory.  One graph of order 48916 needs about 300 MB to store.

If your graph has average degree not more than several hundred, you
can handle bigger sizes using the sparse graph feature.


* e0827072 at student.tuwien.ac.at <e0827072 at student.tuwien.ac.at> [091001 12:04]:
> Dear Sir,
> I am second year student in European Master of Computational Logic in TU 
> Vienna and I would like to use Nauty for my master project on symmetry 
> breaking.
> I have created a graph with m=765  n=48916. I have seen in your tutorial 
> that I have to set the BIGNAUTY. In configure I have called  
> enble-BIGNAUTY and it showed that it compilled with BigNauty and it does 
> not work.
> It gives me the error: "nauty: need m <= 512, but m=765".
> What should I do?
> Thank you very much for your kindly help,
> Regards,
> Oana Tifrea

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