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The following publications are available from the UNOTIL website 
A Strategy for Building the Foundation of Governance for Peace and 
Stability documents the history of institutional development of state 
bodies in this newly independent nation. This publication details the 
experiences and opinions of the United Nations' practitioners, who 
are engaged in the process of helping to build and strengthen 
Timor-Leste's public administration...
Smooth and Rapid Transition from UNOTIL to the Sustainable 
Development Assistance Framework in International Capacity 
Development - The purpose of this first meeting of the Consultative 
Group was to identify the key elements of a new and innovative 
approach and renewed efforts to achieve improved coordination and 
better results in developing the capacity of Timorese individuals and 
State institutions...
Capacity Development of Policia Nacional de 
(PNTL) - The purpose of this second meeting of the Consultative Group 
was to discuss four salient issues and approaches with a view to 
enhancing the effectiveness of institutional capacity development of 
PNTL as well as the coordination of efforts among all stakeholders...
Governance and Human Rights - The purpose of this third meeting of 
the Consultative Group was to focus on future visions and challenges 
for Timor-Leste's institutions and procedures related to Democratic 
Governance and Human Rights...
a New Paradigm of International Cooperation - The Role of the 
International Community in New Nation-building: Case Study of UN 
Experience in Timor-Leste - Paper prepared and presented by Dr. 
Sukehiro Hasegawa at the Toyo University International Symposium on 7 
September 2005, Tokyo, Japan...
I) - In August 1999, hundreds of thousands of brave East Timorese 
voted overwhelmingly to end two-and-a-half decades of Indonesian 
rule. the price they paid to exercise their choice was high...
II) - With the conclusion of peacekeeping operations in Timor-Leste, 
this second edition is both a reflection and also a commemoration of 
the peacekeeping operations in Timor-Leste carried out by the United 
Land of Opportunities and Economic Growth - This booklet, which has 
been prepared by the CSG Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign 
Investment, provides valuable information and data as well as 
guidelines for potential domestic and foreign investors to pursue the 
prospect of engaging in the economic development of Timor-Leste...
on Trade and Investment Promotion - Timor-Leste is one of the poorest 
nations in the world. At the end of 1999, the country began the 
process of nation building, after being left in a state of massive 
social, political and economic deficits...
Symposium on United Nations Peacekeeping Operations in Post-Conflict 
Timor-Leste: From 27-29 April 2005, the Government of Timor-Leste and 
the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET) in 
collaboration with its partners held an international symposium to 
identify accomplishments and lessons learned from UN Peacekeeping 
Operations since 1999...
Assessment Mission: Timor-Leste - Electoral Assistance Division, 
Department of Political Affairs - Following earlier correspondence 
during July and August 2005, Dr Ana Pessoa Pinto, Minister for State 
Administration of Timor-Leste on 29 August 2005 addressed a detailed 
request for assistance to the Electoral Assistance Division (EAD), 
Department of Political Affairs, of the United Nations. EAD 
consequently deployed a needs assessment mission (NAM) to Timor-Leste 
in November 2005...(report available in English, Portuguese and Tetum 
Learned from Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Support Missions in 
Timor-Leste - SRSG Dr. Hasegawa speaks at the Berlin Centre for Peace 
Operation on 27 January 2006 in Berlin, Germany. The presentation and 
subsequent discussion offered an insight into the UN's role in 
securing a sustainable peace, building state institutions, fostering 
democratic governance and human rights, and enhancing transparency 
and accountability in public administration...
Accountability and Transparency in Timor-Leste - In the short time 
since independence Timor-Leste has established much of the 
institutional infrastructure that constitutes the core of a 
democratic state and of good governance. As it moves into the next 
phase of its development, Timor-Leste will need to ensure that the 
few institutions that remain to be established, and those already 
established, should function in the ways intended by their mandates...

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