[TimorLesteStudies] Portuguese Unit at LaTrobe University, Melbourne

Helen M Hill helenh at alphalink.com.au
Sun Feb 24 00:13:21 EST 2008

People studying in Melbourne might be interested in doing a unit of 
Portuguese language at LaTrobe.
From: Isabel Moutinho [mailto:I.Moutinho at latrobe.edu.au]

I am trying to start a Portuguese course this year at La Trobe University,
but so far we don´t have quite enough students. If I could find a few more,
we would go ahead.

Do you know if there are any students interested in doing Beginners´
Portuguese (Advanced Portuguese we cannot offer at this stage, there is only
1 student enrolled!)

I would very much appreciate it if you could display the attached flyer on
your noticeboard and let me know if anybody is interested.

Many thanks and best wishes for the beginning of the academic year,


Dr Isabel Moutinho
Honours Coordinator
Spanish Program
School of Historical and European Studies La Trobe University
I.Moutinho at latrobe.edu.au
Ph.: 9479 1117

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