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Tetun language courses

Dili Institute of Technology is pleased to announce our next series of
intensive Tetun language courses. Timing of further courses will depend on
demand, so please inform us of what your needs are!

Start dates for beginners courses:   

                  Monday 3 March

                  Monday  10 March

                  Monday 17 March (4 days only, due to Good Friday)

                  Tuesday 1 April (until Saturday)

                  Monday 7 April

Start dates for intermediate courses:

                  Monday 14th April

Times:       8.30am to 12.30pm daily

Location:  Dili Institute of Technology, Aimutin campus. To get there, take
the Comorro road out from the city, and turn inland (left) at the Leader
supermarket. Drive straight through the intersection with the back 'Banana'
road (which links Bairro Pite and Delta). Then take the second road left.
Follow this road until you get to a T-junction, then head right. The campus
is about 100 metres along on your left, up a narrow track through some
paddocks. If catching a taxi, stress that this is the Aimutin campus, not
our old campus in Bairro Pite. Many Timorese know the school as "Eskola

Cost:          $120 per week ($96 for the 4-day course)

                  plus $17.50 for the Peace Corps East Timor Tetun Language
Course if you don't have it.

Level:        Beginner: Absolute beginner, or can communicate minimally on
everyday topics, but cannot yet ask and answer all basic questions.

                  Intermediate: Can converse, but not yet handle formal

Teachers:  The teachers and tutors will all be East Timorese, with the
exception of the course coordinator, Catharina Williams-van Klinken, who has
a PhD in Tetun.

Method:    Most teaching will be in small groups, with a variety of teachers
and teaching methods. Teaching is monolingual in Tetun, but the book and
some written material uses English.

For those who are beyond the absolute beginner stage, we will schedule a
brief interview before the course, to enable us to determine which group
would most benefit you.

For more information or for course bookings, contact:

the course administrator 736 9768, or email cvk at iinet.net.au



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