[TimorLesteStudies] Report: Management challenges and options in the coastal zone of Timor-Leste

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>The report "Assessing coastal management 
>challenges in the coastal zone of Timor-Leste" 
>was recently published through the Griffith 
>Centre for Coastal Management. If you wish to 
>receive an electronic or hard copy of the full 
>report please send an email to lara.wever at gmx.de.
>Wever, L. (2008) "Assessing Management 
>Challenges and Options in the Coastal Zone of Timor-Leste"
>Griffith Centre for Coastal Management Report No. 86, Gold Coast.
>This paper presents the results of a study that 
>looked at how human activities are impacting on 
>the coastal zone in Timor-Leste, what type of 
>management challenges arise from these impacts, 
>and what kind of management approach can help to 
>address current and future problems in the 
>coastal zone. The study takes a broad, 
>national-scale perspective that assesses the key 
>environmental, social, economic, and 
>institutional characteristics of the coastal 
>zone. In terms of environmental characteristics, 
>it describes the types and condition of coastal 
>(terrestrial and marine) ecosystems and 
>wildlife. Social characteristics include 
>distribution of urban and rural communities, 
>traditional indigenous coastal management 
>regimes and marine tenures, and cultural and 
>heritage values of the coast. With respect to 
>economic characteristics, the study identifies 
>key economic activities and their (potential) 
>impacts on the coastal environment. Finally, the 
>main institutional players in the area o
>  f coastal management are highlighted. Based on 
> this broad assessment, the most pressing 
> current issues as well as future potential 
> risks from the author’s point of view are 
> discussed. The analysis reveals that although 
> the natural environment is as yet in a 
> relatively pristine condition and human impacts 
> occur at low and mostly local scale, there is 
> an urgent need to prepare for future economic 
> development and population growth that will 
> substantially increase pressures on the coastal 
> zone. The current institutional and legal 
> framework does not yet provide sufficient 
> mechanisms for sustainable coastal management, 
> and there are a number of impediments that 
> obstruct an integrated coastal management approach.
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