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Sue's paper from her presentation "Diminishing Conflict in Timor-Leste", given on 14 October, 2008  at ANU as part of the Diminishing Conflict Series is available through the following link.


 Diminishing Conflicts Series (2008)
 A conversation series in the College of Asia and the Pacific. Tuesdays, from 5pm, in the APCD Lecture Theatre 1.29, Hedley Bull Centre 
 What it’s all about:
 Why do conflicts within states sometimes wane (e.g., Khalistan, Free Quebec)? Are they simply smashed by superior state force? Do generations run out of energy? Do skilful governments ameliorate injustice? Do foreign interventions and peace mediations work? Do foreign backers stop backing? What combination of all these? 
Such questions tax many of us in the College, and we bring to bear on them the lenses of every discipline from history and anthropology to economics and strategic studies. 
'Diminishing Conflicts', therefore, seemed a fruitful theme for a series of winter conversations, inspired by the successful 'Keywords' conversations of last winter. 
Each week in 'Diminishing Conflicts' (the ambiguity of the title is intentional) a speaker will discuss an example where internal conflicts have waned, diminished or apparently disappeared. Speakers will attempt to explain why. Audiences will be invited to intervene. 
   15 July - Aceh: Edward Aspinall
  22 July - Punjab: Robin Jeffrey
 29 July - Bougainville: Anthony Regan
 5 August - Fiji: Jon Fraenkel
 12 August - Burma: Des Ball
 19 August - Solomon Islands Matthew Allen and Sinclair Dinnen.
 26 August - Communal conflicts in Indonesia (Maluku, North Maluku and Central Sulawesi): John Braithwaite
 2 September - Chittagong Hills: Bina D’Costa
 9 September - Nagaland (Northeast India): Anthony Regan
 15 September - Southern Philippines: Ron May
 23 September - Kashmir: Christopher Snedden
 30 September - Papua: Mike Cookson
 7 October - Pakistan: Paul D’Arcy
 14 October - Timor: Susan Harris-Rimmer
 21 October - East Asia: Historical conflict and reconciliation: Tessa Morris-Suzuki	
 28 October - PNG: Southern Highlands: Nicole Haley	
 All of the sessions will be recorded, where possible.
  -  Podcasts from the series 
 -  Enquiries:  	 Darren Boyd on +61 2 6125 4289, Pam Wesley-Smith on +61 2 6125 2221 	  


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