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The Road to INTERFET: Bringing the Politics Back In

Author: Clinton Fernandes

Volume 4, Number 3 (Spring 2008), pp. 83-98.


This article examines Australia's strategic policy during the 1999 East
Timor crisis. Written as a stand-alone piece, it is in some ways a broad
counter-point to the essay by Professor Hugh White in the Autumn 2008
issue of Security Challenges. The author, who was Principal Analyst
(East Timor) for the Australian Intelligence Corps in 1998 and 1999,
argues that the Australian government was not ambivalent about a
peacekeeping force; rather, it worked assiduously to prevent such a
force. It demonstrates the need for strategic actors to incorporate the
rough-and-tumble of domestic politics and public opinion into their
sometimes bureaucratic, anaemic calculations. 

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