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Can anyone please respond to Jen's request below?
Please respond to jen1 at jenshyu.com

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>Subject: Question about Wehali and native music of East Timor
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>I recently was informed that I received a grant 
>which I applied for to research the native music 
>of East Timor, particularly the Wehali tribe and 
>also the tradition of “speaking in pairs” that I 
>have read about.  My mother was born and raised 
>in East Timor, but her father came from 
>Guandong, China, so she grew up speaking 
>Hakka.  But I am a professional 
>vocalist/composer living in New York City and am 
>trying to schedule my trip according to the best 
>time to hear native music – can you connect me 
>to a scholar or native who can recommend the 
>best time to go to East Timor – perhaps during 
>harvest time – or when authentic (and 
>non-touristy) festivals or ceremonies will be taking place?
>Thank you so much! I have done similar studies 
>of the Taiwanese aboriginal tribes, so I have 
>some experience with people not wanting to sing 
>the songs of a certain festival if the timing is 
>not right, so I want to be there at the best 
>time.  I can stay about 2 months – your help is 
>much appreciated!! I will be staying with my Uncle, or at least begin there.
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