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Torture, Truth and Justice: The Case of Timor Leste
By Elizabeth Stanley
Edition: illustrated
Published by Taylor & Francis, 2008
ISBN 0415478073, 9780415478076
208 pages

Torture, Truth and Justice

By Elizabeth Stanley
This book highlights how, and why, torture is such a compelling tool 
for states and other powerful actors. While torture has a short-term 
use value for perpetrators, it also creates a devastating legacy for 
victims, their families and communities. In exposing such 
repercussions, this book addresses the questions 'What might torture 
victims need to move forward from their violation?' and 'How can 
official responses provide truth or justice for torture victims?' 
Building on observations, documentary analysis and over seventy 
interviews with both torture victims and transitional justice workers 
this book explores how torture was used, suffered and resisted in 
Timor-Leste. The author investigates the extent to which transitional 
justice institutions have provided justice for torture victims; 
illustrating how truth commissions and international courts operate 
together and reflecting on their successes and weaknesses with 
reference to wider social, political and economic conditions. Stanley 
also details victims' experiences of torture and highlights how they 
experience life in the newly built state of Timor-Leste Tracking the 
past, present and future of human rights, truth and justice for 
victims in Timor-Leste, Torture, Truth and Justice will be of 
interest to students, professionals and scholars of Asian studies, 
International Studies, Human Rights and Social Policy.

    * The Indonesian Who Joined Falintil
    * Muhammad Nasir and Nug Katjasungkana
    * Indonesia, Vol. 74, (Oct., 2002), pp. 59-63
    * (article consists of 5 pages)
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