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You could possibly use badinas liman or industria liman? (Liman-fatin sounds more like youre talking about a place for hands..) My suggestion would be to use the Indonesian simply because it is a term widely understood in Timor and would cause the least  amount of confusion. It is perfectly acceptable to do this if Tetum speakers haven't started replacing this with a specific Tetum term (which to my knowledge hasn't happened yet). Hope this is helpful.


Katrina Langford

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Dear Bu could you post this for me, thanks sara
Dear Language Buffs
I need a final decision on what word(s) to use for ‘handcraft’ in Timor-Leste preferably in Tetun but so that most will understand it—at a small meeting in Dili the advice was to use the Indonesian but on reflection I’d rather use Tetun if possible--comments welcome.
Liman-fatin (Tetun) = Artesantu (Portuguese/Tetun?) = Kerajinan tangan (Indonesian) = Handcraft (English)
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