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| Popular History:  20th Century Asia Through Printed Ephemera |
 | Sat 19 Jun 2010 |
  | Popular History: Looking at 20th century Asia  Through Printed Ephemera  
Talk by Elisabeth Burdon of oldimprints.com (of Portland, Oregon,  USA) at Asia Bookroom Saturday June 19 at 4pm 
Brightly colored tourist brochures, train schedules, maps, political   broadsides: items that we use in our daily lives but throw away once  they have fulfilled a discrete utilitarian function... these items are  wonderful sources for  exploring "history on the ground," the interests,  attitudes and preoccupations  of persons who are “at home” in a  particular society or merely “passing through”  as visitors.  It is only  quite recently that the richness of this type of material as tools for  cultural study has been widely recognised by libraries, researchers and  collectors alike. Come and find out more about this extraordinarily  fascinating social history resource and how attitudes to it have  changed. 
Display and Sale of 20th Century Asian Ephemera 
Elisabeth Burdon of oldimprints.com (of Portland, Oregon, USA) will  be joining  her sister Sally and mother Barbara Burdon at Asia Bookroom  on Saturday June  19th (from 12 noon) with a selection of her stock of  printed ephemera and illustrated maps.   
Talk on Asian Ephemera 
At 4.30pm Elisabeth Burdon will give an informal talk discussing  examples of  this material pertaining to late 19th and early 20th  century Asia, including  China, Japan and S.E. Asia.  For a brief  illustrated introduction to the topic,  please visit the "Collecting  Tips" page of  oldimprints.com 
www.oldimprints.com/OldImprints/collecting_tips.cfm or click the  More Details button below 
We invite you to join us for refreshments after the talk. 
RSVP for the talk: By Friday June 18 to Asia Bookroom on 62515191 or  books at asiabookroom.com |

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