[TimorLesteStudies] Ernie Chamberlain's "Faltering Steps" (3rd Ed.) now online

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Mon Oct 18 18:21:40 EST 2010

Australian researcher Ernie Chamberlain has published a revised (3rd)
edition of his "Faltering Steps: Independence movements in East Timor
- 1940s to the early 1970s".

Based on a compelling array of primary and secondary sources from
Portugal, Indonesia, Timor and Australia, Chamberlain's work provides
a stimulating foundation for what he hopes will follow - comprehensive
and objective Timor histories written by the East Timorese themselves.

See online version at:

Of the book's contents, Chamberlain writes:

"This brief work of about 165,000 words (320 pages) is offered as a
modest contribution towards an understanding of the history of that
period - ie covering Timorese independence movements and Indonesian
involvement in Portuguese Timor from the pre-World War II period to
the early-mid 1970s.

"Aspects covered include: the pre-War deportados; the wartime "native
uprisings" and the very obscure "Filhos do Timor" proposal; the 1959
"Viqueque" uprising (detailed); Indonesian attempts to influence
events in Portuguese Timor – including through Silvester Martins Nai
Buti in the early 1960s; fears of communist infiltration; the Uni
Republic of Timor-Dilly (URT-D) movement led by "Mao Klao" (detailed);
the movements of the early 1970s; and the prelude to the Indonesian
occupation in 1975.

"To illustrate events, a number of photographs and maps have been
included. However to keep the electronic file to a manageable size,
the annexes and index have not been included in the Scribd online

"Complete hardcopies of this work will be available shortly in a
number of major libraries."

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