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At The Scene Of The Crime: Essays, reflections and poetry on East Timor 1999-2010Pat Walsh
Mosaic Resources, 2011
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Forthe best part of three decades Pat Walsh battled against the odds forhuman rights in East Timor, then enjoyed the privilege of working inthe new nation during its first ten years after independence fromIndonesia. At the Scene of the Crime is a collection of his writingsfrom this enthralling period.
The book comprises essays and comments on some of the major issuesfacing the new nation and those responsible for laying its foundations,including the United Nations. Like a tasty Asian dish it is spicedthroughout with often amusing accounts of Walsh's experiences, dailylife, and projects such as his failed attempt to hold an olympics. Abracket of poems at the end celebrate some of these experiences thatinclude even Dili's power failures. 
Though a miscellany, several themes recur throughout the book.Paramount amongst these are Walsh's belief in the importance ofunderstanding the Timorese and the seminal contribution of the CAVRreconciliation commission, and his confidence that Indonesia willeventually take responsibility for historical crimes in East Timor. 
At the Scene of the Crime is a stained-glass window onto many facetsof the first years of this extraordinary and unlikely new nation andits people. It will enlighten and excite those interested in EastTimor's formation or who plan to travel there to work or visit.


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