[TimorLesteStudies] Review: Surviving and resisting in Timor Leste

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 Review: Surviving and resisting in Timor Leste
 Conway presents a collection of oral histories that brings to the
forefront the role of women in the resistance movement
 *Jen Hughes and Sara Niner*
 Women are almost always invisible in the telling of East Timorese history.
Most of the writing on East Timor is focused on male leaders and
guerrilla-fighters. However over recent years in a campaign to recognise
the actions of women during the independence struggle, a series of texts
have been published by Timorese women and their international supporters.
*Full Story...*<http://insideindonesia.us2.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=f26ed9d2cdb8b0895c4102bd9&id=c38ce5d441&e=e58624a012>

 Inside Indonesia 107: Jan-Mar

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