[TimorLesteStudies] Authenticating historical documents

John Waddingham chart at timorarchives.info
Tue Mar 6 08:47:19 EST 2012

In the first of a planned series of articles about document authenticity, I
briefly examine a significant document - the record of the landmark March
1981 meeting to restructure the Fretilin-led armed resistance to the
Indonesian occupation.

The article, along with the full text of the Portuguese-language document
in question, can be found on the Timor Archives blog at:

I would be most grateful to receive any comments on this piece - either
privately or by way of 'Comment' on the blog article.

Also, for those who missed it elsewhere, we ran an item last week on the
controversial Whitlam/Hastings visit to East Timor in March 1982. The item
includes links to a selection of primary source materials on the event. See:

John Waddingham
Archivist / Manager
Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor Inc.

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