[TimorLesteStudies] Advanced Tetun course at DIT, starting 25 April 2016 (Apologies for earlier incorrect date.)

Catharina Williams-van Klinken cwvk at livethedream.tl
Wed Apr 6 15:18:10 AEST 2016

Dili Institute of Technology is running a week-long advanced Tetun course,
starting on Monday 25th April 2016. Participants may elect to come for the
whole course, or for selected days only. The number of places is limited, so
advance bookings are recommended. Participants require a level of at least
Intermediate Mid to be able to take part. This means they are able to use
Tetun for a reasonable range of topics and contexts, with reasonable

Each day's class will focus on one topic. All classes will also include
instruction on common problem areas in grammar or pronunciation, as well as
homework. The proposed schedule is as follows:




Story-telling: referring to participants, showing time linkages,
introductions and conclusions


Giving instructions, teaching how to do things


Translation into Tetun: common structural problems. (We will use English
examples, but the same issues arise translating from Portuguese or


Culture: resolving problems informally


Recognising different types of Tetun;

Maintenance and  repair


Classes run from 8.30am to 12.30pm, Monday to Friday, at Dili Institute of
Technology in Aimutin, Dili.

The cost per participant is $120 per week, or $25 per day.

All instruction will be given in Tetun. Written word lists and explanations
as well as translation exercises will use English, so all participants must
be able to understand and read English, but do not need to speak it.

Although the course is aimed at foreigners learning Tetun, we will accept
some native Tetun speakers with good English for the translation session if
we have vacancies.

For bookings please contact Ms Tina Tilman on 7736 9768, or via email on
regis at tetundit.tl. For further information or special requests contact Dr
Catharina Williams-van Klinken on 7724 8459 or via email on
cwvk at livethedream.tl.


Application form



I guess my Tetun level to be: Advanced / Intermediate High / Intermediate


*** If you have not done an Advanced or Intermediate High or Mid course with
us before, and have not been recently tested by us at a minimum of
Intermediate Mid level, please arrange with Ms Tina Tilman on 7736 9768, or
via email on regis at tetundit.tl to have an interview with the Tetun teachers,
so that they can determine your level. We will not accept participants below
Intermediate Mid level.


I would like to attend for the full week:

I would like to attend for only the following day(s):

                Date: __/4/2016

                Date: __/4/2016

                Date: __/4/2016

                Date: __/4/2016


Optional information:

I am particularly interested in the following topics:


Country of origin:






Dr Catharina Williams-van Klinken

Director, Centre for Language Studies

Dili Institute of Technology.

Email: cwvk at livethedream.tl

Phone: (+670) 7724 8459

Website: www.tetundit.tl


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