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Mon Jul 3 21:42:46 EST 2006

"East Timor since Independence"
ABC Radio National - 'Rear Vision' (Melbourne 621 AM)
Recently broadcast on Sunday 02-07-06 at 1.00 pm
Repeat broadcast this Tuesday 04-07-06 at 8.35 pm

Presented by Keri Phillips
Summary: What has happened in East Timor since Independence to give rise to
the violence, turmoil and political upheaval that culminated this week in
the resignation of Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri? People discussing the these
issues include Dr Dennis Shoesmith (Senior Lecturer in Political Science,
Charles Darwin University, NT), Rob Wesley-Smith (Darwin based activist,
NT), Dr Tim Anderson (Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Sydney,
NSW), James (Jim) Dunn (former Australian Consul to Portuguese Timor,
Advisor to UN Mission after 1999, with a 45 year involvement in East Timor).

The program can also be heard (via Real Player or Windows Media Player)
as audio online via the archive on the website at:

About 'Rear Vision':
In today's information age we know when things happen almost immediately but
so often we don't know or understand why. News and current affairs are
instantaneous but more often than not presented in a historical vacuum. Rear
Vision attempts to change this by presenting contemporary events and people
in their historical context.

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