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>Subject: SSGM Seminar: Crisis in Timor Leste: 
>looking beyond the surfacereality for causes and solutions - Richard Curtain
>State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project
>Richard Curtain
>Adviser on National Youth Policy, UNICEF Timor Leste
>September 2005-April 2006
>Crisis in Timor Leste: looking beyond the 
>surface reality for causes and solutions
>Date:  Thursday 27 July 2006
>Time:  11:00am – 12.30pm
>Venue:  Seminar Room C, Coombs Building, ANU
>What caused the current upheaval in East 
>Timor?  The World Bank’s President, Paul 
>Wolfowitz, who visited the country in early 
>April, 2006, hailed it as a model of post 
>conflict recovery.  However, the World Bank did 
>state in July 2005 in a major assessment of the 
>state of country that: “Despite considerable 
>progress, the current stability in Timor-Leste 
>is fragile, and the country remains vulnerable to conflict”.
>A mere recounting of the recent events offers us 
>little insight into its underlying causes.  Nor 
>does attributing the breakdown of civil order to 
>a single factor such as the early departure of 
>International Peacekeepers. The factors involved 
>in causing the social breakdown are discussed 
>through the prism of an analytical framework, 
>used widely to explain the emergence of 
>collective outbursts such as mob violence.
>Key questions addressed in the paper include: 
>was the model of development pursued by the 
>Government, with the strong support of the World 
>Bank, appropriate for a post conflict economy and society?
>Richard Curtain has been a public policy 
>consultant since 1993.  He has specialised in 
>youth labour markets and skill formation policy 
>in Australia and on youth policy issues 
>internationally.  He was part of team that 
>evaluated for AusAID emergency job creation 
>programs in Indonesia in 1998.  Since 2000, he 
>has completed assignments for a number of UN 
>agencies, including the ILO, UNICEF, UNFPA and 
>UN DESA on youth-related issues as well as for 
>AusAID on the uses of ICT for Development.  He 
>has a doctorate from ANU (1980), with a thesis 
>on rural urban migration and urban unemployment in Papua New Guinea.
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