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*Canberra Friends of Dili*

*July 12-Transfer to Hotel (California/Horizonte)           *

*July 13-Transfer to Maliana-Through Liquisa, Batugade, Border Point, Balibo

*                  Aipelo Ruins, Liquisa Church, Maubara Lake, Atabai Salts,
Batugade Fort, Border Point, Balibo 5 & Fort.*

*July 14-Transfer to Suai (Dragon) Bobonaro, Zumalai*

*             **Marobo Hot/Springs, Traditional Villages (2), Suai Fort, Oil

*July 15-Transfer to Maubisse (Pousada) Zumalai, Ainaro, Flecha (TT) *

*            **Zumalai, Jkrta, Ainaro, Flecha, Traditional Village(1)*

*July 16-Transfer to Dili (California)*

*             **Market, Daisoli Fields, Aileu, Sloi Fields, Memorial School*

*July 17-Dili (California)*

*                     FREE DAY*

*July 18-Transfer to Soibada (Colegio)*

*              ** Manatuto, St Anthony, Cribas, Pualaka Flames (optional)
Buarahun River, Aitara*

*July 19-Transfer to Ossu (Loihuno)*

*                      Sahe River, Manehat, Natarbora Plains, Dilor River,
Buicaren, Viqueque Caves, Water Falls *

*July 20- Transfer to Lospalos (RC)*

*                      Lariguto, Venilale Caves, Baucau, Laga salts, Lauten
Fort *

*July 21-Transfer to Valu Beach (Lakomorre)***

*               **Mehara,** **Iralalaro Lake, Tutuala Pousada, Ilekerekere,
Jaco Island*

*July 22-Transfer to Com (CBR)*

*                     Fuiloro College, Traditional Graves, Monkeys Lagoon*

*July 23-Transfer to Baucau (Pousada)*

*              ** Traditional Village (1), Ossalata Beach*

*July 24-Transfer to Dili (California)*

*                     Vemassi, Laleia Church, Manatuto *

*July 25-Dili Shopping (California)*

*                     FREE DAY*

*July 26-Transfer to the Airport.*


*15 Pax  = US$1395 per Person*

*Inclusions: Accommodation in Dili and on Tours with Breakfast.*

*Accommodation based on Twin/Share*

*Meals on Tours** (Drinks not included)*

*Transfers and Tours*

* *


* *


*Any vaccinations and inoculations you may require, Airfares, Visas (USD 30
on arrival), Departure Taxes (USD 10 on departure), Single Supplement, Local
Guides, Outrigger Rides,*

*Main meals in Dili**, the reason is to give the Visitors choices of variety
of cuisine that is available in Dili*

*Allow US$25 per day for the meals in Dili*

*Local Guides $15 Ilikerekere (Group)*

Ili Kere Kere cave has helped shape a nation's history. It sits high on a
cliffside at the eastern edge of East Timor. It's one of many caves imbued
with spiritual import, caves that have served as safe havens for millennia.
Archaeologists now know early humans passed through this landscape at least
30,000 years ago. Tens of thousands of years later, they painted cave walls
with fantastic designs. Pleistocene fishermen and Neolithic gardeners
sheltered in these caves, and in recent years guerrillas hid from the
Indonesian army in them.**

*Outrigger Rides $6 per pax*

>From Valu Beach to Jaco island


Anyone interested should contact Barry Brown at babajhi at gmail.com as soon as
possible, but no later than 31 March. Numbers are limited due o
accommodation restrictions in the districts.
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