[TimorLesteStudies] Article: Solar lanterns or solar home lighting systems – Community preferences in East Timor

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Bond, M., Lu Aye and R.J. Fuller. Solar lanterns or solar home lighting systems – Community preferences in East Timor. Renewable Energy Vol 35 Issue 5, May 2010,  Pages 1076-1082

Access to electrification in rural areas  of East Timor is extremely limited with as few as 5% of rural households  connected to electricity. The government of East Timor intends to  increase rural access to electricity significantly in the coming decade.  The introduction of small PV systems is envisaged for many households  in the most remote areas. Several agencies have piloted the introduction  of small solar home systems (SHS) and solar lanterns. In the Railaco  sub-district of East Timor, some 1000 households have experience of  using either SHS and/or solar lanterns and are in a unique position to  indicate a preference regarding these forms of PV lighting technology.  This paper reports on a survey of 76 households in Railaco investigating  experience with PV lighting systems. Results of the survey indicate a  strong preference by users for SHS rather than lanterns. The preference  for SHS arose from a range of factors including: a perception of better  light quality; ability to illuminate the whole house; reduced risk of  damage to the PV equipment; and longer duration of nightly operation.  The research indicates that where a single PV lighting system is  provided, users are likely to prefer SHS to solar lanterns.

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