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New WB Justice for the Poor publication

Articulations of Local Governance in Timor-Leste: Lessons for Local Development Under Decentralization                                           In  pursuing a decentralization policy that sets out to devolve elements of  state authority to municipalities, the Government of Timor-Leste faces a  key challenge: how to combine different types of governance systems  that have legitimacy at local and state levels. In order to inform this  process, this policy note looks at how communities and local government  currently work together to plan and implement local development  initiatives. It attempts to answer the question "what steps might the  government of Timor-Leste take to amplify the voice of citizens in  development planning, and the responsiveness of the state to those  voices?”                                           The Policy note is available in English and Tetum                                           For more Justice for the Poor publications for Timor-Leste click here.

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