[TimorLesteStudies] Chapter in Book: 'Gender, Mobility and Citizenship in Asia'. Edited by Mikako Iwatake 2010.

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Humphrey R 2010, Peacekeeping in the interests of Peace, ADF  
peacekeeping in Timor Leste: A gendered response to the 2006 Crisis in  
'Gender, Mobility and Citizenship in Asia'. Edited by Mikako Iwatake  
2010.  University of Helsinki (Renvall Institute Publications). p.  
ISSN 0786-6445
ISBN 978-952-10-6365-7

The Australian defense forces (ADF) deployment to East Timor in 2006,
quietly received harsh criticism by the Timorese community. This
critical dissent, stimulated little to no academic response, leaving
unanswered questions lost in the complications of conflict. General
awareness of ADF actions in Timor during the Crisis is greatly
unknown, and it is widely believed by Australians, the ADF are hero's;
continuing the role of Australia's self-appeasing identity. Beyond the
origin of conflict, the ADF military presence increased different
pressures upon women, men and children, developing additional fear and
perpetuating displacement. Peace making is riddled with political and
practical strain, sufficient gender (and cultural) training is
evidently lacking in ADF practice and preparation. In essence
acknowledging the stark difference between a military trained to kill
and military deployed for peace is critical for sustainable peace.
This article is inspired by personal experiences and accounts, whilst
living in the Timorese community and pregnant, during the height of
violence 2006 and 2007.

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Please note another paper published in the Australian Federation of  
University Women Magazine is also available
on the same page entitled In the interests of peace,  which is a set  
of recommendations for ADF peacekeeping.

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