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Dear List, 
I am trying to locate any publications of or about Timorese folk tales, fables, dongeng etc. (Note: I am not looking for examples of ritual speech with parallelism or genealogies). Thus far I have only identified these:
(i) Friedberg, Claudine. 1978. Comment fut tranchée: la liane céleste et autres textes de littérature orale bunaq (Timor, Indonésie) Paris:     SELAF.
(ii) Hicks, David. 2006. "How Friarbird Got His Helmet. Some Novel Features in an Eastern Indonesian Narrative". Anthropos 101: 570-575.
(iii) Hicks, David. "Friarbird on Timor. Two Mambai Narratives of Avian Rivalry. Anthropos 92: 198-200.
(iv) Morris, Cliff. 1984. Ai knananuk ho ai knanoik nousi rai Timor : rai nousi lafaek dukur = Verse and legends from Timor : the land of the       sleeping crocodile. Frankston: Morris.
I am sure there must be more, particularly in the Portuguese literature. If anyone has any other references please let me know. 
Thanks in advance,
Antoinette Schapper

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