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External Evaluation of the Early Warning and Response (EWER) Program
Conducted in partnership by NGO Belun and Columbia University's Center for International
Conflict Resolution
January 2013

Call for Applicants
NGO Belun and Columbia University's Center for International Conflict Resolution (CICR) are
currently seeking a consultant to conduct the annual external evaluation of the Early Warning, Early
Response (EWER) conflict prevention system. The EWER system monitors social, economic,
political and external trends as well as incidents of violence throughout the country with an aim to
increasing early responses to conflict and preventing the escalation of violence at the national and
community levels.
Assignment Objectives
The EWER program is just completing its 4th year of implementation and is seeking an independent
evaluation to assess the efficacy of the program in achieving its desired objectives and to provide
practicable recommendations to the implementing partners for improving its implementation.
The objectives of this evaluation are to review progress according to the program results framework
towards the following objectives:
1. Strengthened programmatic and policy responses to conflict through the establishment of a
national Early Warning system;
2. Reinforced state and community preparedness and responses to conflict toward preventing the
escalation of violence
Length of Assignment and Costs
The assignment is envisioned to be conducted from mid-February – mid-March 2013. The suggested
timeframe can be discussed and adjusted but should not exceed 30 days.
Preliminary Time frame and Workplan
Desk study and background Research: 3 days
Research and interviews in Dili: 7 days
Field work (in selected District case-studies): 9 days
Analysis and Reporting: 7 days
Pre-Final Report presented to the team for feedback: 1 day
Preparation of Final Report: 3 days
Total budget frame: not to exceed USD 7,000
The budget shall cover all costs including consultancy fees, international and national travel, Per
Diems, insurances and communication. Printing costs are covered by Belun.
Activities and Responsibilities
1) Review EWER Program documentation including program design documents, previously
published monitoring reports, policy briefs and alerts, and results from previous internal and external
2) Desk study research on the role and effectiveness of Early Warning Systems Worldwide;
3) Develop methodological guidelines and tools for an external evaluation of the EWER Project;
4) Conduct interviews with EWER Dili and District staff, Volunteer monitors and Conflict
Prevention Networks;
5) Make recommendations for future changes in the project based on the findings. This may
include reference to:
a. The design of the programmatic structure for effective monitoring and effective
communication and transfer of monitoring data;
b. The sustainability of the relationship with sub-district level monitors;
c. The training outcomes of twice-yearly monitor trainings;
d. The ability of the mechanism to provide early warning to relevant stakeholders;
e. The ability of the Sub-District level Conflict Prevention Networks to design appropriate
strategies of intervention and employ existing capacities within the networks for this
f. The program’s potential gender impact through participation of men and women in the
system and as beneficiaries across a range of factors using the program’s gender impact
assessment framework;
g. The need for adaptation of the design and structure in order to strengthen the capacity of
EWER system to monitor and report in situations of heightened tensions, specifically in
relation to the upcoming electoral period;
6) Prepare a draft evaluation report for discussion with the management team of the EWER
7) Submit Final Evaluation Report.
Reporting and Working Relationships
The consultant will report to and be accountable jointly to the Director at Belun and Program
Manager for CICR. The consultant will work closely with the CICR Program Manager in the design
of the evaluation and with Belun’s EWER Program Manager in gaining access to relevant
stakeholders in the evaluation, including EWER program staff of both CICR and Belun.
Personal Specifications
Qualifications, Skills and Experience
· Advanced university degree in Social Sciences, International Relations, Statistics, or related
· At least 3 to 5 years practical experience in developing and implementing Monitoring and
Evaluation activities for Peacebuilding or Community Development projects at the
international level, including field work;
· Previous experience working with Early Warning systems, Conflict Prevention or Conflict
Transformation activities
· Strong background in conflict sensitive development practices
· Fluency in English
· Fluency in either Tetun or Bahasa Indonesia
· Previous experience working in Timor-Leste, preferably in an NGO context
· Ability to travel extensively in the districts
Preferred Attributes
· Fluency in Tetun
· Applicants currently living or working within Timor-Leste
· Experience working with Early Warning and Response Systems
Application Contact
Interested candidates may submit CV and applications to sarah.belun at gmail.com by Monday, 4th
February 2013

Dr Bu V.E. Wilson

T: Vanuatu +678 598 2646 (mobile); +678 22626 (landline)
T: Australia +61 (0) 407 087 086
T: Timor-Leste +670 770 22887
E: buvewilson at gmail.com
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