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"Re-visiting East Timor as Fiction and as Memoir: The Work of Tony Maniaty"<http://www.academia.edu/2384060/_Re-visiting_East_Timor_as_Fiction_and_as_Memoir_The_Work_of_Tony_Maniaty_>
Published in Literature & History, Volume 21, Number 2 (Autumn 2012): 66-77.

This article examines the explanatory strategies in two works by Australian writer Tony Maniaty, among the last foreign journalists to leave East Timor when Indonesia invaded in 1975, and the first writer anywhere to fictionalise his experiences in East Timor, in The Children Must Dance (1984). In 2009 Maniaty chronicled his return to the country with the crew making a filmed narrative based on events in which he had played a small part. The novel and the memoir, Shooting Balibo: Blood and Memory in East Timor, process Maniaty's experiences in widely divergent fashion, each implicitly asking questions of the other's hermeneutic manoeuvres in ways that illuminate the nature of the implied contract between the observer of traumatic events and their representation in forms of narrative.

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