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Dear East Timor scholars

If appropriate, here is another article for the list:

David Callahan. "Marginal Place, Marginal Plays: East Timor in Australian Drama"

The Drouth: Scotland's Literary Quarterly. Issue 42: Margin. Autumn 2012: 26-29.

This article considers three Australian plays that are referenced by the bibliographical source AustLit as dealing in some way with East Timor. The plays analyzed are Rob Jeffreys's Covert, Damien Millar's The Modern International Dead, and Katherine Thomson, Angela Chaplin and Kavisha Mazzella's Mavis Goes to Timor. Brief use is made of the contested notion of empathy, both as a possible reason why drama concerning East Timor might be expected in Australia, as well as as an analytical tool through which our experience of the stories of others may be considered. The somewhat unfortunate use of the term 'marginal' in the article's title is on account of the issue of the magazine having 'Margin' as its theme.

The article is available to download at http://aveiro.academia.edu/DavidCallahan

Best wishes
David Callahan
Associate Professor
Department of Languages and Cultures
University of Aveiro
3810-193 Aveiro

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