[TimorLesteStudies] Seeking examples or stories of flexibility of indigenous culture to non-binary gender expressions

Sara Niner saraniner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 11:48:56 AEDT 2022

Dear TLSA Colleagues

I am seeking any examples or stories about how Timorese indigenous culture
is or was flexible (now or in the past) toward third genders, fluid or
non-binary gender expressions.

I have accessed this old black and white picture of a man weaving tais
which I found accompanying an article Josh Trindade wrote for the ETLJ
Forum. Does anyone have information on this photo? Who the man is or where
this photo was taken? I can't identify the style of tais in the photo
either and wondered if anyone could?
[image: mane_timor_soru_tais.jpeg]

Also if anyone knows of any sources that give such examples or talk about
this issue, please let me know.

best wishes
*Sara L. Niner*
Australia 0417 357 298
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