[LINK] Fwd: Please confirm your message

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Mon Dec 4 21:58:30 AEDT 2006

At 07:55 PM 4/12/2006, Lea de Groot wrote:
>I recently received some local-business spam to an address I had only used 
>to post a website to a particular set of websites.

Yes I have over 800 virtual addresses.  It grows now at a rate of about 1 a 
day, up to 9 a week.  Every time I use a web site that asks for an email 
address, I create a new address unique to the web site:

nswpolice06 at domain.name

>I am glad it is not very common as if it were commonly used mailing lists 
>would become unusable.

Well it's fairly simple, when you register an address on a mail list, you 
take that address you use and apply it to your bypass or white list.

That ensure that anything legitimate to that address is received.  You can 
go further.  Match the sending address; that of the list, with the 
recipient address; that created for the list to send to.

That is what I have done in the case of Link.  Anyone sending a message 
that does not carry the link address would (should) receive a challenge.

It's also not appropriate for me to farm the Link subscribers list and add 
everyone to my white list.  Should I be hacked (unlikely) the addresses 
might then become exposed.

>For example, the WSG mailing list has over 3000 members last time I 
>looked. If each of those members were using one of these implementations 
>then a first time poster would get 3000 responses. They would quickly 
>learn not to post to mailing lists! :(

Totally agree.  But again, anyone using a quarantine system should ensure 
that does not happen.

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