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Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Mon Dec 4 19:55:52 AEDT 2006

Ivan Trundle wrote:
> Linkers
> Does anyone else find this kind of behaviour tiresome, frustrating, and 
> pointless?

Yes, very.
The person receiving the message should have taken the time to whitelist 
the mailing list when they subscribed.
Admittedly, as this is an unmunged list, people tend to hit reply all, 
and that does introduce a problem for people who use these schemes.

If they were intelligently used, they would be less of a problem, but 
they seem to be used by the least clue-full people.
I recently received some local-business spam to an address I had only 
used to post a website to a particular set of websites.
It was obviously a list that they believed to be opt-in.
I emailled them explaining that their list procurement was substandard 
in a friendly tone, and got a reply. When I replied again, I got one of 
these scrubber responses.
He had emailled me, yet had not added me to his whitelist.
Very annoying.

And I have it on good authority that several of these systems are 
actually scraping in the background - unforgiveable!

I am glad it is not very common as if it were commonly used mailing 
lists would become unusable.
For example, the WSG mailing list has over 3000 members last time I 
looked. If each of those members were using one of these implementations 
then a first time poster would get 3000 responses. They would quickly 
learn not to post to mailing lists! :(

Lea de Groot
Brissie, .au

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