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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Thu Dec 7 11:34:55 AEDT 2006

At 10:08 +1030 7/12/06, Glen Turner wrote:
>Philip Ruddock is A-G ...

Last heard, he's off to London.  Brace yourself for the return of Amanda.

>We'll finally see effective integration of encryption and
>e-mail clients, something the government has opposed for
>years (classifying this software under weapons control treaties,
>etc). That will be driven by a need to solve the spam and
>phishing problem. Otherwise instant messaging will replace e-mail.
>Microsoft will see this as an opportunity to establish a MS
>walled garden for e-mail.

So there are no renewed efforts to write a substantially upgraded RFC 
2821, 2822 (4821, 4822?), in order to bring email into the 21st 
century?  (They'd better hurry up and reserve the numbers.  It's up 
to RFC4794 right now - http://www.rfc-editor.org/new_rfcs.html ).

>There will be a scandal over the behaviour of a public official
>which is recorded and posted to YouTube. This will be the new way
>for people to anonymously bring shameful matters to the attention
>of the authorities and the public.

But John Howard, speaking from his wheel-chair, will say it's not his 
fault, and the dozey public will believe him.

But Glen, what about IPv6?!

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