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grove at zeta.org.au grove at zeta.org.au
Thu Dec 7 14:13:43 AEDT 2006

Youtube will encounter several lawsuits, followed by steep decline
in Google's share price.    These lawsuits will be cases brought 
forward by:

Those people who view "NSFW" clips and subsequently sacked for 
downloading offensive material.

Those who view NSFW clips and are Christian moralists.

The Xbox 360 and Zune will be huge "loss leaders" that are eventually 
scrapped after being decreed "loss losers".   The plastic in the Xbox
will be found to contain traces of toxic radiation and they will all 
be recalled.

The first case of "Wii Finger" will come to light.

Apple will fix the ipod "shuffle" algorithm to be less predictable.

The first "self aware" video game will arrive, that will require 
copious input from the user to allow it to participate in gaming.
Users will log off in droves, due to boredom doing data entry 
and having the AI's "gang up" on the humans in game play.

Sol Trujillo will leave Telstra under a cloud after a major restructure 
is kicked off.   He will leave the infrastructure projects in bad repair 
and rake off $100m in payouts.    Then he will start a competitor company,
backed with Chinese dollars.

Howard will announce a nuclear power plant in the Hunter valley, 
after the next election (if he wins) - it will not be part of campaign
policy, but one of those "mandates" he thinks he has.   There will 
be a major outrage but of course he will still get the vote.

Ziggy Switkowski will join the Liberal Party and become Energy Minister

An Australian company assisted by the CSIRO will come up with a 
"killer" energy solution and be ignored locally and then sold out to the 
South Amerikans.

The first Operating System for a Quantum computer will be unveiled - 
48 hours later, it will be 0wned by Korean Phishers and will be 
unable to be turned off.

Major network infrastructure collapse in the US, after multiple 
hurricane/flood incidents.

I am just making these up, BTW....


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